Monday, October 3, 2011

How Leadership Makes the Difference...

One of the best "after action" reports I have yet to read.

This one takes place during the Korean War:

Executive Summary:  Colonel Lavoie was in charge of an Army artillery unit.  Recognizing the vulnerability of his men every time they set their batteries in place, he had them practice perimeter defense and quick repositioning.

All of that preparation paid off handsomely during a persistent attack by Chinese forces who were repeatedly repulsed by his well-trained men.

It's a short and lively read, but one part bears an early mention: while the men were temporarily pinned down some were afraid to expose themselves by returning fire,  Col. Lavoie personally walked over to the huddle men, and said:   "I'm scared too. There's nothing wrong with being scared as long as you do your part."

The men, feeling a bit red-faced, took the encouragement to heart and won the engagement.

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