Sunday, October 9, 2011

Questions, Questions...

Sayeth this writer with the IndyStar: you should ask your children's playmate's parents if they have firearms in their home.

Ah yes, pulling out the old bromide that having a gun = automatic endangerment of self and innocents nearby.

It's only an appropriate question if there's an invitation in the air to go on a multi-family outing to go shooting or hunting.

Keeping children away from firearms without explaning what they are and what they do is a recipe for disaster.  They'll simply harbor an insatiable curiosity and try really hard to unlock a cabinet, safe or gun case.
Youngsters should be taught early on that handling firearms in the absence of an adult is a no-no, and how to render a weapon safe.  And then once they are physically and intellectually capable, should be taught how to handle and shoot a gun.

I have a challenge for the author of this commentary:

If your children go to a neighbor's house to go swimming,  do you ask if there is a responsible adult right at pooside?  Do they know basic rescue swimming, CPR and/or first aid?

Or if they are going on an ATV excursion, will helmets be worn, speeding kept to a minimum and steep gradients scrupulously avoided?

Drownings and ATV accidents tragically claim more young lives than firearms do, but for some reason no one seems to give it much thought when their children partake in those activities.

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