Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blog Fodder and the Silver State

   Why go to the newstand when you can simply get the papers dropped off right on your "welcome" mat every day?
   Why go on an Internet snipe hunt for gun related news when it gets sent, clean and pristine right to your inbox, by NRA-ILA and Google Alerts (separately, not working hand in hand).
   Indeed.  I got a decent news nugget yesterday:
   Apparently despite Nevada's gun friendly nature, you can't carry your self-defense weapon in one of their state parks.

   Looks like that may change:

   I hope it does.  Having been shadowed in a supposedly "safe" suburban park by some wacky dude, I realized that basically anyone can close in and Tueller my butt PDQ.  Nevada's state parks are huge (Valley of Fire and Red Rock come to mind).  All an assailant needs to commit a crime against a person is for the victim to be out of line of sight and earshot of witnesses.  If that's the case in a long, thin strip of woods 15 miles outside of NYC, then a predator's odds grow exponentially in their favor way out in the desert.
  This is just common sense to allow people to defend themselves against aggressive beasts and malicious men. 
  I haven't heard of any abuses of the re-allowing of carry in national parks, so the same should be true for state parks, as well.

 Bonus cheap shot at Obama - his signing off on National Park carry and Amtrak transport of firearms is not a signal that he is pro-gun.  They were provisions tacked onto economic reform bills.

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