Friday, September 30, 2011

Way to go! Oh, Hi-Yo!

 Great news from the state of Ohio - here it is

 The state has done two important things - legalized carrying in an alcohol-serving establishment, and changed/clarified vehicle carry to specifically allow full concealment.
  In some ways the latter is more important to me, because although we owe the law our obedience (legitimate civil resistance not withstanding), the law owes us clear instruction so we can follow it to the letter.

  I'm glad it's now permitted to have your gun in a bar.  Most gun owners are very self-controlled about not drinking and packing or drinking while target shooting or hunting.  The sort of person who would start trouble in a bar is usually the sort of person that would carry "illegally" anyway.

  The person this law primarily protects is the sort of CCer who either walks into a bar to retrieve a buddy who is too lit up to drive safely, or  a person whose concealed carry piece is so comfortably positioned that they've forgotten it's there.  In neither case should this sort of person be found criminally liable, nor should they be forced to engage in unnecessary administrative handling of their weapon.

  In addition, sometimes bar fights become "one against many" and if the person wasn't the aggressor
and can't flee, a firearm might be the only thing separating them from a severe beatdown or death.

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