Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Jersey: Disarmed, Yet Still Dangerous...

The comments almost universally slam Mr. Lautenberg's guest editorial.  HR 822 is needed, but wouldn't be necessary if all of our States actually followed the Constitution.

Violent crime will not increase ONE IOTA if national reciprocity comes to pass, as he ludicrously fears, but at least there won't be any "paperwork criminals" who are charged with CC violations because they crossed over into a state that doesn't accept their permit.

Mr. Lautenberg, do you really mean to tell me that the idea of my packing in your state on my New York CCW scares you?  Despite a heap of paperwork, background checks that far exceed NICS in their thoroughness, an NRA safety course, and four notarized character references, that you think that I'd represent a threat of some sort??? Nonsense. 

And I certainly don't think New Yorkers should be subjected to the overly rigorous process that exists just to *own* a handgun.  See, there's this state right next door called Vermont that doesn't require any of that crap and I have yet to hear of Vermonters lamenting a decades-long scourge of "gun violence."

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