Saturday, September 17, 2011

Open Carry in California

   A recent news summary describing Assembly Bill AB 144, a proposed ban on the open carry of unloaded handguns in California as a "gun rights activisits' tool."
   Ummm... No.  Both open and concealed carry are Constitutional rights that are routinely and arbitrarily messed with by various states and municipalities.
   Sure...openly carried firearms can be the most visible expression of our Second Amendment rights, but there is practicality far beyond that.
   Openly carried weapons are a visible deterrent to troublemakers.  They are faster to access and bring to bear in the event that they are needed.  
    In certain states before CCW was "allowed," open carry was the only option, other than transported locked up in a box in the trunk.
    And in hot weather states, concealing means adding layers of clothing to avoid criminal charges of "brandishing" or "printing."  People packing heat shouldn't have to sweat any more than necessary, or sequester an underpowered gun just to exercise their right.
   I don't even live in that state, and I hope Governor Brown refuses to sign AB144.  Good luck and God bless, California.

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